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CarCops CarSecurity is a service that allows a GPS/GSM surveillance device to find stolen vehicles across Europe.

A car equipped with the device transmits the vehicle’s location to the CarCops server. You can see the location of your car on www.carcops.ee when you log in as a user. You can also try the service as a DEMO by choosing „Business“ and afterwards the language of your preference.

Who can use CarCops CarSecurity?

CarCops service is for all vehicles regardless of whether it is an expensive jeep or a regular family car. Since the service provides you with the best market price guarantee, it will be affordable to all car owners. CarCops CarSecurity is also helpful when looking for the car that has been towed for incorrect parking.

How can I join CarCops CarSecurity?

It is really easy to join on our website www.carcops.ee. Simply create the order online by typing in all your credentials so that we could prepare the contract for you. You can sign the contract with your ID-card, by signing and scanning the contract or we can send you the contract by post. After signing the contract we are going to send you the GPS device. Please familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions HERE.

If you do wish to purchase only the device without any additional services, then you will not need to sign any contracts with CarCops.

In which countries does CarCops CarSecurity work?

In all European countries and Russia.

Can CarCops CarSecurity devices be installed in all cars?

CarCops CarSecurity devices can be used in all cars. They can also be installed, if appropriate, to other vehicles, such as motorbikes, boats, tractors or construction equipment for guarding purposes.

What makes CarCops CarSecurity better than others?

The main advantages of CarCops CarSecurity are:

  • A tank sieve and a lockable cap against fuel theft (when opening an SMS message and an email will be sent).
  • Cargo real-time temperature monitoring and alarms via SMS and email.
  • Cheapest GPS/ GSM device rent – only 9.90 per month (includes the GPS device, an international SIM-card and online tracking).
  • CarCops CarSecurity works throughout the whole of Europe and also in Russia.
  • The information about the vehicle’s location and alarms if being sent straight to your phone (SMS) and email.
  • Real-time vehicle location tracking online www.carcops.ee (view „Business“ DEMO).
  • Viewing the history of your travel, where the parking time is also noted.
  • Automatic tachograph (travel diary).
  • Geo fence – the opportunity to mark a specific area, so when leaving or entering the area an SMS message will be sent out.
  • CAN BUS will provide you with all of your vehicle’s current details (engine speed, fuel consumption, oil pressure, coolant temperature, speed etc)
  • A place to use your smartphone for online tracking is www.carcops.eu/kliendiala/m. Login: demo, Password: 123456

Is it possible to track my own GPS devices using the CarCops „Business“ server?

It is possible to use your GPS tracking device through our server if your GPS device has teltonika: FM1100, FM2200, FM3200, FM4100, FM4200, FM5300.

Please provide us with your device IMEI-code and already the following day you will see your GPS tracking device listed on our server. The monthly cost for using the server is only 5 EUR per month. Your travel history will be stored for one year. Move your GPS device tracking to our CarCops CarSecurity „Business“ server.

What do other companies have to offer?

Service providerMonthly paymentInstallation feeDevice price
CarCops9.90.- EUR0 - 20 EUR149.- EUR
Autovalve12.- EURFrom 55.- EUR192.- EUR
G4S16.- EURFrom 75.- EUR276.- EUR
Hansavalve9,60.- EURFrom 63.- EUR382.- EUR

How much does it cost for a client?

By purchasing the device, it is a onetime investment and you will be able to track down your vehicle at any time.

If a customer prefers to monitor the car's location using our website www.carcops.ee then the monthly fee to a Private customer for using the server is 3 EUR per car. If a Business customer has 2 or more vehicles then the monthly fee is 5 EUR per car.

If a client chooses to use the international SIM-card by CarCops in the device, then the monthly fee for the SIM-card is 3 EUR per month.

It is also possible to rent the device for a monthly fee of 9.90 EUR. The device in this case is absolutely FREE. The monthly fee includes the device renting, international SIM-card and online device tracking.

Clients can choose the suitable solution when creating the order on our website and it is always possible to write to us or call us +372 55 900 656. Together we will find the best solution that will match your needs.

Why choose CarCops?

Unlike the regular alarms, thieves don’t suspect that there might be a GPS device in the car, because the device can be installed anywhere, from the car interior to the dashboard.

Two CarCops CarSecurity stickers are also included. You can stick it onto the windscreen either from the drivers or the front passengers side. Sticker also act as a preventive tool, because no one wants to steal a vehicle with a tracking device.

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