1. We are interested in the security cap for the fuel tank. How exactly does it work?

The fuel tank sensor is connected to the CarCops GPS device. With the sensor you will also get a warning label that you can stick onto your tank. The visual warning is meant for the potential fuel thieves, so that they would not see your vehicle as an easy prey. In cases when it is visible, that the vehicle is equipped with an alarm, the thieves usually try to take the easy road by choosing a different vehicle.

If despite the clear warning the thieves still choose to open up your fuel tank, a text message will be sent to you and the alarm will be turned on. The alarm will help to scare off the thieves.

If despite the clear warning the thieves choose to make a hole in the fuel tank, then the fuel volume sensor will turn itself on. A text message will be sent immediately and the alarm will be turned on.

The device is based on the tamper-principle. If thieves choose to cut the cord then an SMS will be immediately sent to the owner of the vehicle. That way the owner of the car will be informed on what is happening even before the fuel tank will get opened. The fuel tank cap sensor is lockable and is equipped with a stainless steel sieve.

All the details regarding the text message and email notifications will be discussed with each client individually.

2. I purchased a GPS device. Is it possible to use it on your server?

It is possible to use your GPS tracking device through our server if your GPS device has teltonika: FM1100, FM2200, FM3200, FM4100, FM4200, FM5300.

Please provide us with your device IMEI-code and already the following day you will see your GPS tracking device listed on our server. The monthly cost for using the server is only 5 EUR per month. Your travel history will be stored for one year. Move your GPS device tracking to our CarCops CarSecurity „Business“ server.

3. How can I digitally sign the contract?

You just need an ID-card and a smartcard reader.

Right-click the contract file and there you will find an option „Sign digitally“. After signing the contract send it to us by email. After receiving it we will imediatelly ship out the GPS device.

You can also find a video tutorial on how to sign your documents digitally HERE.

4. What workshop should I contact to get the device installed?

CarCops CarSecurity devices can be installed for passenger cars here:

Tallinn, CarHouse OÜ, Katusepapi 35 phone: 50 47 169. Also check: www.carhouse.ee

Tallinn, Car Holding OÜ, Pärnu mnt 393, phone: 50 92 156. Also check: www.carholding.ee

Tartu, Audiodesign, Tähe 114, phone: 736 7282. Also check: www.audiodesign.ee

Tartu, StereoAlarm, Võru tn 53, phone: 507 3344. Also check: www.alarm.ee

Tartu, BellumPoint, Vasara 50e, phone: 5558 9373. Also check: www.bellumpoint.ee

CarCops CarSecurity devices can be installed for trucks and heavy equipment here:

Tallinn, AVT SERVICE, Betooni 19B, phone: 6 012 715. Also check: www.avtservice.ee

Tartu, Audiodesign, Tähe 114, phone: 736 7282. Also check: www.audiodesign.ee

(Temperature sensors for isothermal, refrigerated trucks, fuel tank sensors and their calibration, fuel tank cap sensors and GPS devices)

Since you only need to connect two cords - any repair shop will be able to do it. It would be best if you get the device installed at your local workshop, where you normally get your vehicle serviced and repaired. The device comes with a manual on how to install it.

If you get any additional questions feel free to call us or let your mechanic call us instead.

5. I cannot turn on the device using the SIM-card. The green light is blinking, but when I call the device’s number it says that the device is switched off.

Before putting the SIM-card into the device, please make sure that the PIN-request is switched off.

If the SIM-card has a PIN-request switched on, then the device will not turn on and the green light will be blinking every second. After switching off the PIN-request the indicator will start blinking every 10-20 seconds, which means that the device is searching for a GSM network.

When the device finds the GSM signal the indicator light will start blinking every second, which indicates that the device is ready to be used.

6. How long is the travel history that can be saved?

You can look up your travel history of up to 365 days. If for instance you use your vehicle today and wish to look up your travel history after a year, then your history will be stored on our server.

7. How accurate is the GPS device in terms of showing the location?

Usually GPS shows the location with 5-20 meter accuracy, but it can become more for a moment when the GPS device changes the satellite or you just turned it on.

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