1. The first car was recovered thanks to the GPS controller and Security Company cooperation in February of this year, when Toyota Land Cruiser was reached back to the owner just quarter of an hour after the incident.

The whole thing happened in Harju County 9th February evening when CarSecurity control center got the call from a customer who reported that his Toyota Land Cruiser has been stolen, due to stolen remote and car keys.

The control center made the inquiry that showed that the car was at that moment in Harju County near Laitse.

Information about the location of the vehicle was immediately transmitted to the Security crews and police.

Car thieves noticed the approaching patrol car and tried to escape, but after the pursuit the car was abandoned near Laitse forest.

2. Another stolen car was recovered thanks to the GPS Security services on Tuesday.

In the morning a customer phoned and reported that his car Audi A6 had been stolen.

While the customer was sleeping on the second floor, thieves entered the first floor, took the car keys and documents, and drove away. The car was accessed with keys, so the car alarm didn’t turn itself on.

A quick research by the Security Center located the Audi A6 in Loksa.

The nearest patrol car discovered the car in a self-made separately standing garage in Loksa.

After the police arrived and opened the garage, where the stolen Audi A6 was, the vehicle was returned to its rightful owner.

3. 15th August a customer called to the Control Center and reported that his car keys were stolen during his stay at one of Harju County’s beaches.

Positioning of the car revealed that it had entered one of the parking garages in Mustamäe.

Next morning the Security workers managed to identify which garage the car had been placed to and they managed to arrest two males in that garage.

4. A car that was under GPS surveillance was returned just 12 minutes after it was stolen.

Customer rang the Control Center at 10:21 and pointed out that a moment ago his car keys were stolen at a café on Pärnu mnt and were used to drive away in his BMW X5.

At 10:33 the car was found thanks to the GPS tracking device abandoned in Jakobsoni Street.

5. On March 21st at 1:28 the police was informed that in Tartu in Vahi Street diesel fuel is being pulled out of two Iveco trucks. Right near the crime scene the police located three filled canisters with 80 liters of fuel and three empty canisters.

Thanks to the vehicle owner’s quick reaction the fuel theft was not completed.

During the investigation it was discovered that the owner of the vehicle had applied his own tank security measurements by ordering the surveillance system, which sends the vehicle’s owner a text message when the tank is being opened.

The fuel that was not stolen thanks to the surveillance system is definitely a good compensation for the price of the surveillance system. The truck drivers also used another trick to protect their fuel. They parked two trucks very closely together, so the tanks were facing each other and it was not possible to get close to them.

When one truck had to drive away the thief was already there. Fortunately he was not able to steal a whole lot.

Install the CarCops CarSecurity surveillance system into your company cars and this will keep you updated by SMS messaging and email on any fuel stealing incidents.

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